Personalised Learning

Despite the solid evidence that exists, which shows how a focus on the best outcomes for every individual child is right both morally and in practice, personalised learning approaches are not widespread in the UK education system. There is much good practice but also many barriers to providing personalisation in education.

My World Trust aims to promote the greater use of personalised learning, particularly through its involvement in Bright Tribe academies. By working with the academies in the Bright Tribe network, and with the education specialists leading Bright Tribe, we promote personalised learning and support the academies to deliver a personalised learning education for all children in Bright Tribe schools.

What is personalised learning?
For My World Trust, personalisation or personalised learning, is responding to the needs of an individual child to ensure that they reach their full potential and achieve the outcomes that matter to them – regardless of their starting point.

For personalisation to be effective, it needs to be completed in a supportive environment, in which teachers, parents and children are able to work together to:

Why now?
My World Trust is re-defining what personalisation means in practice in the current education system and championing personalised learning approaches.

2013 marked the 25th anniversary of The Education Reform Act, an act that introduced the National Curriculum and Key Stages to schools and saw parental choice prioritised for the first time.

25 years on from one of the single, most important pieces of legislation affecting our education system, the education system is going through an extensive period of change as it moves away from traditional models to one that allows, values and rewards a focus on the individual.