introducing MyWorld

My World Trust is a new charity committed to ensuring that every child is able to achieve their potential within their school. We focus on the practice and principle of personal learning, helping parents and schools to reach for possibilities.

Each and every child deserves an education that responds to their individual learning requirements, wants and aspirations. Yet too often parents and schools struggle to access the best information on what works for their child, particularly in terms of teaching and learning, and how they can utilise expert help and interventions to meet children’s individual learning requirements.

My World Trust will help all children, whatever their ability, to be the best they can be by:

Championing a personalised education for all children
My World Trust will focus on identifying every UK child’s unique skills and abilities and the different learning and curriculum pathways available to enable them to achieve their optimum potential.

Working with children, young people, their families, school staff and other experts, the Trust aims to ensure schools are empowered to understand the ‘whole’ child and deliver a learning experience that inspires; addresses any support requirements and helps each child leave school with the most rounded education they can achieve.

Whether a child is challenged with maths, struggling as a carer or in need of help to further excel in a field of excellence – or indeed all three – My World Trust will help.

Creating an exemplar model of teaching and learning
By focusing on what contributes to the very best teaching and learning; making the best use of IT, peer support, expert input and the evidence that supports teachers and parents, the Trust will create an exemplar education model to help identify each student’s personal learning requirements within their education environment. This model will blend together voluntary, education and commercial sector expertise.

By building upon their strengths and working with parents, and the children themselves, to make the child the priority in developing educational objectives for the school, we can ensure all children achieve the best possible outcome from their school years.

My World Trust will work in partnership with existing providers of successful services and offer a range of routes to take information, services and solutions to schools.

You can find out more about the Trust’s aims in My World Aims.

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